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Solutions and equipment for water treatment

E.T.E. designs and manufactures water treatment solutions that have no added chemicals thanks to its efficient and progressive Research & Development department.

Our solutions

E.T.E. proposes you equipments adapted to the management of the different problems of water treatment:

Issues concerning bacteria (Legionella, Pseudomonas, E. coli …) in water distribution networks and T.A.R. (Cooling Towers)

  • Patented catalytic electrolysis system ACTIV’H2O®

Some of our projects: Institut Arnault Tzanck (06); E.N.T.P.E. (69); SMFI VAM DRILLING, Vallourec (58); fleet of supply vessels for MARITIMA and BIOMAR (13); Nautisport Enghien (Belgium); Turnmaier School in Straubing (Germany); Central Hospital in Logrono (Spain); Sta Maria Rosell Hospital, Cartagena (Spain); Pan African Institute for Development in Douala (Cameroon); purification station Ovan (Gabon) for SOGEA SATOM part of the VINCI group;…

Technologies de traitement des eaux selon la taille des particules

Issues of extreme turbidity and coloured water

  • Filters ET1 and ET2 (zeolites, sand, anthracite, diatoms,…)
  • Microfiltration compact skids (ceramic clarification/disinfection ) : PME1,…)

Some of our projects: La Provencal factory at Montpins (66); purification station at Creissan (34); Mas des Sources specialist centre at Thues (66); ZUEGG food processing factory at Elne (66); Djeol Health Centre, Mauritania for the ROTARY International (see page Djeol, Mauritania ); Ministry of Water Resources of Senegal;…

Issues of metal in water (arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, cadmium…)

  • Type ET specific filters (zeolite, activated feldspar: CNRS/ETE method…)
  • Complete unit for oxidisation-filtration (air, ozone,…)

Some of our projects: CAN 2012 stadium Angondje in Libreville (Gabon) for SOGEA SATOM of the VINCI group (see page GABON, Angondjé);snow clearing centre in Meshes, Tende (06) for the General Council; water purification station at Ovan (Gabon) to SOGEA SATOM part of the VINCI group (see page GABON, Ovan)…

Other specific problems of undesirable elements in water (excessive salination, ammonia, nitrates, balancing,…)

  • Complete unit tailored to requirements devised by our R&D department

Some of our projects: Desalination station for brackish water by nanofiltration at TOKOMACK for CARITAS INTERNATIONAL (see page SENEGAL, Tokomack); desalination stations and Tataguine Tawa Mboudawe for the Senegal Water Department; La Provençale factory in Cases de Pène (66).

Maintaining the quality of water in reservoirs (open or closed): fire vessels,…

  • Complete dedicated network

Some of our projects: BUTAGAZ filling centre at Petit Couronne, ANTARGAZ centre (Loriol…).

Station d’épuration des eaux usées et ensemble complet de valorisation des déchets solides de l’abattoir d’El Fayoum (Egypte) – Procédé TRANSPAILLE

Effluents (wastewater)

Treatment and recycling industrial waste water (testing water, washing water,):
  • Complete dedicated and purpose made system, devised by our R&D department

Some of our projects: recycling testing water canisters 13 and 30 kg at the BP/ FRANGAZ filling station at Port La Nouvelle (11); recycling washing water of ‘Cube’ for BUTAGAZ at Aubigny / Nere (18); recycling the washing water for water soluble paint booths for BUTAGAZ (Reichstett, Petit Couronne, Rognac); treatment of requalified water from the reservoir below the talus before discharge into the dock water (capacity 3000 m3) for the ANTARGAZ centre at Port La Nouvelle; QUESTEL solar industrial laundry at St Barthélémy (FWI) …

Treatment of urban waste water:
  • Complete system tailored to requirements devised by our R&D department

Some of our projects: The El Azab El Fayoum (Egypt) biological waste water treatment plant; at Ste Marie La Mer (66) – tertiary treatment with E.T.E. filters and U.V. reactors.

Agricultural and energy recovery of organic solid waste (fermentable):
  • TRANSPAILLE and AGRIFILTER processes (in association with CIRAD/ETE)

Some of our projects: The abattoir at El Azab à El Fayoum (Egypt); Water treatment plant at St Hyppolite/SAUR (66)

Proposed equipment