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Research & Development : a quality approach

In 1995 the company brought together engineers and technicians specialising in water treatment to create the R&D department.

It regularly hosts young researchers under a post-doctoral contract in collaboration with research centers and laboratories (PROMES laboratory, University of Perpignan, Toulouse Polytechnic School, IEM-HYDROSCIENCES University of Montpellier, CIRAD, …).

Among its achievements today are 7 patents and numerous ‘envelopes SOLEAU’ (a simplified and less onerous procedure than patent application).

This Department has at its disposal:

A technological hall which includes treatment experiments: electrolysers, ozonisers, compact stations ‘skids’ (micro/ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis), specific granular material filters, domestic Hot Water loops, softener (exchange resins),…

A laboratory for analysing water quality (Internal checks) with DIONEX DX ion chromatography , a multi-parameter Spectrophotometer HACH DR, vacuum pump and drier, several field cases (pH, conductivity, chlorine, iron, arsenic, manganese, lead,…).

A room specifically for a CAMECA SX50 microprobe to study the surface and depth of substances (as metals), a research office equipped with a computer and specialist software (O Chaude) to calculate domestic hot water systems, LPLwin to calculate the calcium-carbon balance, AutoCAD 3D, …)