Microfiltration compact skids

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Filtration system against turbidity, color and M.E.S. (Suspended matter)

When the water is cloudy!

Clarification / Disinfection of water intended for human consumption or preparation of certain medical water (Water Bacteriologically Mastered) without adding chemicals, by tangental filtration through French ceramics.

The technique used is a technique of separation by filtration (absolute). As the cut-off point in microns (0.2?m) as in ultra filtration (0.01?m) is smaller than the smallest size of bacteria and à fortiori parasites, their removal is absolute. The elimination of Suspended Sediment is also total (threshold of the analysis method of Suspended Sediment = 1.2 ?m).


  • Physical method: Total retention of all bacteria and parasites at 0.2 ?m (or 0.01 ?m)
  • No alteration to the mineral structure of the water at entry (application to bottling water)
  • Works automatically (model PME1)
  • Reduced maintenance/surveys; doesn’t require a high degree of qualification
  • System without consumable (changing or manual washing of cartridges with contamination risk of filters)
  • A compact unit (mounted on a ‘skid’: stainless steel frame).
  • Reduced fouling (clogging) as a result of an innovative system (patented) of ‘back flush’, (model PME1)
  • Constant treatment of the bacteriological quality of the water independent of the raw water (and thus seasonal variations)
  • Brackish or sea water may be filtered
  • Provision of a sufficient quantity of water good enough for industrial as well as domestic use
  • Filtration membranes approved by the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA).
  • One year guarantee on skid and a 5 years guarantee on the membranes