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Catalytic electrolysis system without chemical addition

Therefore in order to ensure the quality of water supplied, it must be treated and protected:

The ACTIV’H2O ® catalytic electrolysis system provides an innovative and beneficial alternative to water chlorination.

The ACTIV’H2O system is a preventive and curative method working continuously and within the water distribution pipes without the addition of any chemicals.

The molecular type disinfectants that are created are effective for several weeks to ensure protection of the water in the pipes for several days and are safe at the point of use even when the water is not in constant circulation.

This system, invented in France is made entirely in France– specifically in our workshops near Perpignan, is the subject of a French patent and has universal protection (PCT procedure) since 2003.

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Activ’H2O 1000 and 2000 equipment uses only the strongest materials having obtained the Certificates of Sanitary Conformity or the subject of approval by the AFSSA (French Food Safety Agency).